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From the book Jahan-e-Fan by Zahoor Chaudhary.

One of the accusation on Baba is that he copied songs from Indian films. In 1985, in an interview with Raqim Alharoof, he told that on my art there are 3-4 songs that are blots, songs that I made in Sassi and Naukar, on the insistence of Producers. He was often sad about these songs. However, he also used to say that he had asked Hemant and SD Burman for permission. Whether this happened or not, he did have good relations with SD Burman.

Original Songs:

Na Ye Chand Hoga, Shart (1954)

Meri Ankhiyon Ke Tare, Jeevan Jyoti (1953)

Pyar Bari Dhadkanon, Angare (1954)

Copied Songs

Na Ye Chand Hoga, Sassi (1954)

Raj Dulare, Naukar (1955)

Zindagi Ke Pyar Bhare Geet, Naukar (1955)

Now You Know!

New25. Wild Cat (1960)

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