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Here I will maintain links to books published by professor toofaanii publishers

NEW Forgotten Artists of Early Cinema and The Same Name Confusion Book 2

NEW Hindi Talkie Filmography (1961-70)

NEW Hindi Talkie Filmography (1961-70) HINDI / हिन्दी सवाक् फ़िल्मोग्राफ़ी (1961-1970)

NEW Group Dancers of Indian Cinema (Golden Age and Beyond)

Lyricists of Hindi Cinema.

Fact and Fiction.

Hindi Film Song Picturizations (1951-1960) in HINDI. हिन्दी फ़िल्म गीत चित्रीकरण (1951-1960)  सिंह और 'हमराज़'

From Jhunjhunu to New York

History of Indian Cinema

Hindi Film Song Picturizations (1951-1960)

Hindi Talkie Filmography (1951-60) in HINDI. हिन्दी सवाक् फ़िल्मोग्राफ़ी 1951-1960)

Hindi Films: Pictures of the Cast IV (1943-1946)

India: A Reckoning With History [Musing 1157]

The Story of The Rainbow Bunch

ALI(VE) in Bits And Pieces.

The Golden Era of Hindi Film Music.

Filmography of Pandit Bharat Vyas

Hindi Talkie Filmography (1951-60)

C Ramchandra book


Early Hindi Film Advertisements (1935-39)

Hindi Films: Pictures of the Cast III (1941-1942)

MUNNA The boy who grew into a legend. (Amitabh Bachchan) by Ali Peter John

Encyclopedia of Silent Cinema by Sanjeev Tanwar

Book on Dev Anand by Ali Peter John


 Witnessing Wonders by Ali Peter John.

The Caliginous Light, a novel

Rainbow of Emotions by Lalit Berry

Films Showing in Madras Theatres (1941-1947)

Background Dancers in Hindi Films (1952-68)

Censor Certificate Information of Hindi Talkies (1931-2010)

बीते हुए दिन (हिंदी सिनेमा की भूली बिसरी यादें) Beete Hue Din by Shishir Krishna Sharma HINDI edition

Biography of Master Ebrahim.

Unsung Junior Artists 2, Who Made Their Debut After 1959

Hindi Films: Pictures of the Cast II (1938-1940) by Sheo Khetan and Surjit Singh

Beete Hue Din (Forgotten Memories of Hindi Cinema) by Shishir Krishna Sharma

Unsung Junior Artists of Hindi Cinema Vol 1 by Upendra Samaranayake and Surjit Singh

The Illustrated History of Punjabi Cinema (1935-1985) by Bhim Raj Garg

Hindi Films: Pictures of the Cast (1933-1937) by Sheo Khetan and Surjit Singh

Drops on a Leaf (A Book of Poetry) by Ms Jyoti Bhamra

Forgotten Artists of Early Cinema and The Same Name Confusion by Arunkumar Deshmukh and Surjit Singh

The Lost Treasure: Early Talkies of Hindustani Cinema by K Pasupuleti and Surjit Singh

Book on RMIM by Surjit Singh

Indurani: An Unsung But Unforgettable Heroine Of The Early Talkies by Surjit Singh

Edwina Violette, An Unsung Dancer by Surjit Singh

Telugu Filmography Volume 2 (1981-2000) by Dr V S Vutukuri

Telugu Filmography Volume 1 (1932-1980) by Dr V S Vutukuri

Sahraa Sahraa a book of Urdu poetry by Raj Kumar Qais, in Urdu and Devanagri

Music and Arts in Hyderabad By Kamalakar Pasupuleti

Physics books

Reference book on Water

Statistical Mechanics Text Book



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