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My World Line

Story of My Life. World line refers to a unique path that I am traveling through our 4-dimensional world.

List of Publications of
Surjit Singh

  • All of the following papers are in refereed journals.
  • Short communications have been marked with an asterisk.
  • I am proud of the fact that I have 22 papers with the world-famous author, Raj Kumar Pathria.
  • I am his biggest collaborator.
  • I have published in all branches in physics (Phs. Rev. A, B, D and E), except nuclear physics. Could not fine a decent nuclear physics co-worker.
  • I am also proud of my 9 papers in Phys. Rev. Letts.

In this category, I have written brief story of my life, I plan on expanding it.


Cities in Surjit Singh's Worldline

Lahore, Pakistan (mid-Forties) Lahore

I was born in Lahore sometime in the mid-Forties. My father worked for a bank near Anarkali Bazar. He just went there for the job. He was lucky to escape during the Partition of India with his life, wife and me.