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RMIM was started 27 years ago.

The group was formed with the efforts of Ketan Dholakia, Prince Kohli, Rajan Parrikar, Samiuddin Mohammed, and Preetham Gopalaswamy and others They tried hard to get the word film into the name but were not successful. In any case, the first post, on January 1, 1992, was just the announcement that the group has been formed. Regular posts started the next day. Here is the second post.

Article 2 of

From: (Ramasubramanian Ramakrishnan)

Subject: film songs based on classical music

Date: 2 Jan 92 23:32:11 GMT

Organization: Purdue University Engineering Computer Network

I am interested in initiating discussions on film songs based on

classical music on this net. I am not sure about the internet of this

misc news group. But, I think it is more appropriate to discuss film

songs and their classical basis on this .misc net rather than on

.classical net.

Can some one please clarify about the intent of this newsgroup?

I have compiled a list of tamil film songs and the ragas they are based

on. However, I am not sure about the accuracy of the ragas since I did

not have any training in classical music. Are there any takers to

perfect that list?




Now You Know!

Rafi 187


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