Since 1999

Gurcharan Singh Sandhu,

A fellow music lover from across the pond

I first learnt about Gurcharan Singh Sandhu of London, UK when I bought the revised edition of the Hindi Film Geet Kosh Volume 3 in 1998. His name was written as the Sahayogi (Associate) on the title page. When I talked to Har Mandir Singh 'Hamraaz' he mentioned that Sandhu Sahib traveled from the UK to Kanpur three times to help with the revised edition. Each time he stayed for a week or more and worked day and night to expedite the publication of that volume.
Later on he and I exchanged emails and then became Facebook and Whatsapp friends. I learnt that we are about the same age and have many common interests. He has been on my A-list ever since. A-listers are people I hold in high regard and to whom I give anything they ask for from my collection, audio, video, books, magazines.
Some photos from the HFGK Vol 3 release function, April 1997.
Note: Click on photos to enlarge.
A short video from the same function
Manohar Mahajan is the host, Nalin Shah is seen at the beginning, left of Sandhu is Kalyanji Shah.
Note: The photos and video thanks to Har Mandir Singh "Hamraaz". The video was cleaned by Thomas Daniel: Video Restorer and a Great Friend.


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