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Whenever I point out to people that according to the 'official' website on her, she has sung most songs in the Indian film industry, even more than Asha Bhosle, some of my friends say that the information given there has problems. They point to duplicate songs, incomplete info (film year is not given) etc.

Since she has a huge output in Telugu Films, I decided to ask Dr Vutukuri who has worked with Telugu films information for decades and has written multi-volume encyclopedia on it.

Information on his books

He replied thus:

From Dr Vutukuri V S

The stats are unto the year 2000.
Susheela sang Telugu Film songs in 45 years (from 1953 to 2000).
The total number of Films is 2,096.
She sang songs of 182 Lyricists.
She sang songs for 148 Music Directors.
The total number of songs is 6,701.
The Solo songs are - 2,454.
The Duets are - 3,957.
With more than 2 Singers - 291.

Can somebody compare this info with the website to see

1. If the website indeed agrees with this.

2. And if not, has she sung even more (doubt very much) or

3. The website has exaggerated her output (by a lot, my guess).

Thanks in advance.

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