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I had read her name in the HFGK and felt bad that I did not even know how she looked like. Luckily her children live in Californian and I was able to get a lot of photos and info from them to write a book on her. The book contains more that 80 rare photos, most of them never-before-seen in public or internet.

Apart from the HFGK and books on filmographies, she was never mentioned anywhere else. What I completely forgot was that I had seen her picture in the book, Indian Cinema A Visual Voyage, by Ravi Gupta! A few days ago, I re-discovered it and here it is!


The book is available worldwide. To see the first 15 pages and ordering info, please visit

 Indurani: An Unsung But Unforgettable Heroine Of The Early Talkies

Now you know!

Listen to Milan Ki Raat (1967) 

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