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I am happily watching Rungoli (1962) songs and writing down all the names of people, when I arrive at the song, 'Hum Tum, Ye Khoyi Khoyi Rahen'. I have no idea who the boy and the girl are. I look at the cast, a new guy Krishnakumar is mentioned, may be. There is a Sadhna also, but the famous Sadhna is nowhere to be seen in the film, may be.

So, I post it on RMIM for help. Within minutes, Syed Zafar Shah and Shefali Gandhi confirm my suspicions. But, before I enter it into the database and the books, I have to consult an expert. So, I messaged MN Sardana. I am taking the liberty of quoting him in full,

The gentleman is Krishan Kumar , who was the younger brother of Mr Amar Kumar, who directed Rungoli . He played the role of Lattoo  s/o Mr Nazir Hussain. The charming lady has been credited as Sadhna. She also did a few movies as Sadhna Chowdhri, to avoid confusion. Please watch her in 1963 movie Dekha Pyar Tumhara, which was directed by Mr K Parvez, who later changed his name as Kalptaru.

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