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Surinder Dhall is a good friend of mine from Toronto, Canada. About 30 months ago he called excitedly to say that he is in touch with Hema Singh, daughter of Kanhaiya Lal and I should talk to her. I did and we started chatting about her illustrious dad. Once she found out that I wrote books on lesser know people, she asked me to talk to Mohammed Ashfaque Butt, a Senior Bombay Journalist. That was about nine months ago. Boy, it turns out he knew everybody from the silent stars to the latest filmi people. We talked for hours at a time. He said that he would get me in touch with children and grand-children of long-forgotten actors and he did!

Among them is the youngest son of Master Ebrahim, Iqbal Ajmeri. I found out that his family had saved documents concerning his father since 1936! He must have sent me more than 200 images of contracts, letters, 78 labels, photos with film people that I had a hard time to decide what to leave out. I ended up using almost 120 images.

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart, the book would not have been possible without you!

MA Butt, Hema Singh, Iqbal Ajmeri, S Dhall

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