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The following unknown songs have been identified, thanks to Aditya Pant. He writes, "C1 C2 Bhagwan Balaji, A2 Naag Mani, A3 Aarti, A4 Devar Bhabhi, A5 Geet Aur Aansoo, A6 Bhagwan Balaji, B1 Traditional Thumri (possibly non-film), B2 Gul-e-Bakawali (1956), B3 Meri Amaanat, C1-C2 Bhagwan Balaji, C3 Diler Haseena, C4 Shabistan, C7 Do Roti, D1 Saudagar, D3 Nai ZIndagi (1943), D4 Chandrashekhar, D5 Duniya Kya Hai (1938), D6 Rajdhani, D7 Rajrani Meera, D8 Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh.... most of these songs are truncated either at the start or the end.

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