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As narrated by Edwina Violette

  1. Neville and Terence are Edu’s brothers.

  2. Marie and Philomena are Edu’s sisters.

  3. Mac Mohan is the same actor as who became famous as Sambha in Sholay (1975).

  4. Helga Suri worked in Tere Ghar Ke Samne (1963) and Kaise Kahoon (1964), two films only.

  5. Lorna is married to Terence.

  6. Terence can be seen in a band called Ted Lyons and His Orchestra.

  7. Oscar and Vijay became choreographers.

  8. Teresa was married to Oscar.

  9. Philomena’s bare legs were used for Madhubala’s legs in few films.

  10. Jenny Richardson is Helen’s sister.

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