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Shankar Vazre was a famous stunt actor of his time. He died young. Recently I made friends with his grandson Tejas. He asked me if I have any song from his films. As usual, I am busy with 20 different things, so I told him I will look and get back to him. Imagine my surprise when a friend sent to me a very nicely written article on him that he wrote for a website. I also saw this song and they said it was contributed by a collector from Delhi. Now, I know for a fact that this song came to me from another dear friend who spent months in India spending his own money and finding rare songs for me from a list that I had given him. Long story short, I sent this song and thousands others to my BFF and this Delhi guy copied from him on a recent US visit.Of course, there is no mention of any of this on the website. I don't blame the article writer. I am sure he did not know. 

I am not going to shame anybody by naming names, at this time.I believe in sharing and I am going to put all these very rare songs on my website eventually.. So, in the words of a wise man,

hotaa hai, chaltaa hai, duniyaa hai

Listen to 1939_madhu-baanasaree_rang-rasiyaa-aavo.mp3

Now you know!

Bharat 16 Lata Husnlal Duo


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