Since 1999

Please make the following corrections in the text.

Film 17        change to cinematographer
Film 24     change to Kohinoor
Film 81     change to Mahal
Film 541     change banner from Bombay to Nasik.
Film 1279     change to Hindustan
Film 1282     change to Hindustan
Film 1283     Hindustan Film company, change Kolhapur to Nasik
Film 1287     Hindustan Film company, change Kolhapur to Nasik
Film 1293     remove Bracket
Film 1314     remove Bracket
Film 1325     change to serial
Film 1365     remove Bracket
Section 6    Advertisement for "Ranak Devi Rakhengar (remove year), Advertisement for "Maya Na Rang.” (remove 1 reel), in heading (Cenor to censor)
Section 7     in heading (Cenor to censor), Vithaldas Chunilal Jariwalla's Advertisement. (1 reel) (1927) remove), Advertisement for "The New Chevrolet" Motor Car (1 reel) (1929) (Same here)
Section 8     remove years after the titles (as they are mentioned in seperate column)
Section 12     Sultaness of love aka or Gulshane Irak (7 Reels) (remove 7 reels), Mysteries of India aka or Tasvire Hind, (remove or), spelling of nights in 1001 nights.
Section 13     correct road in Surya film Company, 5 Cunningham Roa, Bangalore.

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