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On October 8, 2006, I wrote this post in the classic RMIM:


Hi RMIMers:

I was watching Ashirwad (1968) and heard Ashok singing. I thought he
must have done that after a long time! So I went to my
tentative-and-still-to-be-checked list. Turns out he sang in
Chandrashekhar (1948); that's a gap of 20 years.

So, who are other candidates? I remembered Bhoomika (1977) where
Saraswati Rane had sung. She sang last in Jai Bheem (1949), a gap of 28
years! We have a winner, I thought! But then my eyes fell on Firoz
Dastur in Bhomika (1977); he had sung last in Neki Aur Badi (1949),
still 28 years.

Later I was watching Badhati ka Nam Dadhi (1974) and heard Sunder,
Johar, Bhagwan and Maruti singing! I am not sure about the others, but
Sunder Singh has sung before! Turns out he sang in Nag Mani (1957), no good.

That's where the matter stands. Looks like the record is likely to be 28

I have finished watching all my movies until 1980. I have a few after
that; perhaps I will run into some more old-timers :)


There were many responses, I offered a reward for the longest interval in singing. There were many replies. The winner was Vibhendu Tewari who wrote


Did Khayyam sing anything between Romeo & Juliet (1947) and Anjuman


Then he elaborated


Both the songs are Faiz ghazals- he sang 'dono jahaan teri mohabbat me'
with Zohra in R&J and 'kab haath me teraa haath nahin' with wife Jagjit
Kaur in Anjuman.


The gap being 39 years, Khayyam was a clear winner, as was Vibhendu Tewari! He picked 6 movies from my list and sent him 6 DVDs.

So, it looks like I have been rewarding people for many things :)


 Now You Know!

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