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Here you will find the additions and changes to my home page in reverse chrono order.

2003-10-30 On the Anniversary of Khurshid Anwar, added 6 photos, 17 news songs and information about his assistants in India
2003-10-30 Added 126 photos of Hindi Film people
2003-10-30 Added Lata's and Asha's song statistics, how many songs and with whom etc.
2003-10-30 Added Charles Kittel's letter to me and a page from his book where he refers to my work
2003-01-21 Added 20 songs from Khurshid Anwar's movies during 1941-1952
2003-01-01 Added Photos and Website links for Pathria, Jasnow, Robinson and Wilde in the Publications List Page
2002-10-30 Added a small tribute to Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
2002-09-29 Added Greetings from film people for HFGK Volumes III (1st Edition), II and IV. More to follow soon
2002-09-12 Added some photos
2002-09-10 Added info about Current Job
2002-09-09 Added info about Cities I lived in
2002-09-09 Added info about Schools I attended
2002-09-09 Added info about Colleges I went to
2002-09-07 Added info about appreciation of my work by others
2002-09-07 Added info about my student evaluation results
2002-09-07 Added info about my books
2002-09-07 Added info about my Ph. D. thesis
2002-09-07 Added the List of Jobs in the Universities 1975-1998
2002-09-07 Added the List of Publications
2002-09-01 Added the "old" RMIM FAQ and answers from Prince Kohli's old school site
2002-09-01 Added the Search feature
2002-09-01 Added Har Mandir Singh's photo, interview mp3 and English translation
2002-08-31 Prepared lists of possible stuff to include
2002-08-30 Prepared new outline
2002-08-23 Obtained the new web address and the best Yahoo Geocities package

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