The Society of Indian Record Collectors (SIRC)

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Thanks to Dr,. Suresh Chandvankar and the SIRC, past issues of the official magazine of the Society are being made available here in low resolution pdf. [For obtaining them in print or at a higher resolution, please contact Dr. Chandvankar at the contact info below.]

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Brief History A meeting was held in Mumbai during February 1990, attended by  about 30 persons, to discuss the possibility of forming the Society. The Society came into existence in May 1990. The Society now has branches all over India and where meetings and listening sessions are held.
Aims and Objectives The Society intends to bring together all persons and institutions interested in

Preservation, Promotion and Research

in all aspects of Indian musical culture. The two-page brochure of the society is here, Brochure
Please note thaat membership fees have been revised. see below
The Record News, The Journal of the SIRC This journal has been published since January 1991 and has articles on recording history, discographies and opinion pieces.

The table of contents is here
Current Membership The society encourages all interested persons and institutions (through their representatives) to become members. The current membership consists of two Honorary members,

1] Mr.V.A.K.Rangarao, Madras
2] Mr.Har Mandir Singh Hamraaz, Kanpur

103 life members from India, 33 life members from abroad and a few annual members.
Managing Committee Day-to-day activities are managed by the following:

President:  Narayan Mulani
Honorary Secretary: Suresh Chandvankar
Honorary Treasurer: Krishnaraj Merchant
Journal Editor: Suresh Chandvankar
How to become a member Please contact the Honorary  Secretary. His contact information is

Suresh Chandvankar, Honorary Secretary SIRC
801, Bhaskara, TIFR Housing Complex, Navy Nagar, Mumbai 400005, INDIA
Phone (Residence) 91-22-2280 4986
Email or or

More info about Suresh and his activities is here
Membership Fees and Benefits
In India, Annual Membership is Rs. 1,000 and Life Membership is Rs. 10,000

Abroad, Annual Membership is $100 US and Life Membership is $1,000 US.

The annual membership includes a subscription to the Society Journal and runs from July to June. Life members get all the back issues as well as all future issues.

Michael Kinnear, an Australian research scholar, who has been studying the history of the record industry in India has published  many heavily-researched books on records and recording artists in India. His books can be ordered from the Society.

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