Shri Satish Kalra (1942-2007)

A Dear Friend and a Music Lover

A veteran RMIMer Vish announced the sad news thus:

Satish Kalra passes away

"Dear RMIM,

Our dear friend is no more. I have been in touch with Guri for the better part of today.  Kalra saaheb's last few moments in this world passed without prolonged pain or discomfort.

I know I speak for the RMIM family. Our prayers and support will always be with Saroj-ji and the whole family. Their strength and forbearance have been at once gut-wrenching and inspirational.

I would not presume to describe the depth and extent of Kalra saaheb's knowledge and his passion for the art. That is a thesis unto itself, and has come to be an RMIM axiom for eternity. But it went way beyond knowledge and passion. His style was unassuming and simple. He spontaneously exuded a brand of humility that can only come from benign self-assuredness, total command over the subject, and true inner strength. In our thoughts, he will always remain witty, funny, kind, generous and altogether uplifting.

It seems difficult to have humility and majesty all in one persona. But that, Kalra saaheb, is how we will remember you. You have left an immortal trail of goodwill. And you probably never truly realized the oft-healing nature of the things you said and the things you wrote, on and off this forum. Your extended RMIM family will continue to think and talk about you.


Very generous and extremely knowledgeable friend - still cannot believe he is gone. He was responsible for joining me with many long lost songs from my childhood.  Here are a couple of photos, the first from the Ottawa RMIMeet a few years ago and the second from the last Cupertino meeting:

Satish in Ottawa

Satish in Cupertino

His posts can be read and enjoyed on the Usenet Indian music group

Satish on RMIM

Here is a small selection of my favorite devotional songs as a tribute to Satish:

Listen to 1933-puurana-bhagata-bhajuuN-main-to-bhaava

Listen to 1935-dhuupa-chhaaNva-baabaa-mana-kii-aaNkhen

Listen to 1938-dharatiimaataa-kisane-ye-saba

Listen to 1939-kangana-bande-naava-kaa-lagara-chhoDa

Listen to 1940-aazaada-haarie-na-himmata

Listen to 1940-narasii-bhagata-vaishNava-jana-tyo-taine

Listen to 1942-bhakta-suuradaasa-sara-pe-kadama-kii

Listen to 1943-haaspiTala-prabhujii-2-raakho

Listen to 1944-panchhii-araja-suno-prabhu-merii

Listen to 1946-neka-paraviina-terii-zaata-paaka-hai

Listen to 1949-nRisiNha-avataara-hari-ko-bisaaro-naa

Listen to 1952-yaatrika-raama-nama-ghanashyaama

Listen to 1954-chakradhaarii-kaahe-ko-bisaaraa

Listen to 1954-shabaaba-dayaa-kara-giradhara-gopaala

Listen to 1956-Takasaala-bRija-ke-nandalaalaa

Listen to 1958-phaaguna-banaa-de-3-prabhu-jii

Listen to 1960-kaalaa-baazaara-na-main-dhana-chaahuuN

Listen to kalgi-jujhar-di

Listen to kali-kamli-wale
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