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When you ask some older people about the date of a film, they will probably tell you when they saw it.  Mostly it is a good answer. If you look up the dates in various compilations, with a few exceptions, the date on the censor certificate would mentioned. This is also true of Geet Kosh. Sometimes people get confused by this, because they saw the film in one year and Geet Kosh mentions the previous year. I remember a friend of mine, who must have owned the books for decades, asked me about the dates. I said the years are from the censor certificate, it says clearly in the 'pustak ke prayog hetu nirdesh' ! Apparently never read it.

People accept release dates, they remember those dates. But the release dates are not unique, unlike censor years, which change by 10 year intervals if the film is re-certified. Films are released in different parts of India and the world


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