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Har Mandir Singh ‘Hamraaz’ and I are pleased to announce a website for a Hindi Film and Song Database, based on his legendary compilation work, Hindi Film Geet Kosh. Apart from what is in the printed books, it includes all the information that he and I have collected over the years, to make it an expanded work. That should take care of a constant (and valid) complaint that he has not revised his books for ages. The other common complaint is that the books are only in Hindi.
The website is being presented in Hindi and English and (Google-translated) other Indian languages!
We have been working on data entering, data extending and data correcting since 2018. It is a massive undertaking, which cannot be completed without help from others. So, please help us with data entering, expanding, correcting and website-building.
At this time, we have put Censor Information for 1931-40 and some sample data for filmography and songs. We will add new data as it becomes available. Your comments and suggestions for improvement will be appreciated. Use either link:

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