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professor toofaanii publishers, East Lansing, MI USA is happy to announce their 88th book

Radio Transcripts
Volume – 2
(Vividh Bharati: Aaj Ke Fankaar-I)

Sujoy Chatterjee

When N Ramaswamy recently mentioned that Sujoy Chatterjee has transcribed about 1,000 radio and TV programs from various sources, the first thought that came to my mind was that this a gold mine! It must be published. Luckily, Sujoy agreed. This is the first of a series.

From his preface:

    Listening to radio has been the author's favourite pastime since childhood. From early 21st century, with the arrival of the personal computer and the traditional mobile phone, he took his hobby to the next level, that is, he started making transcripts of radio and television programmes that were somehow related to film music. The transcribed information mostly comprises of biographies and interviews of artists, transcripts of programmes presented by them, and record of trivia and interesting incidents related to the making of film songs, and other additional details.
    Over the years, the number of transcripts crossed the thousandth mark. The information base thus created is massive. This book is the first Volume of the Series entitled ‘Radio Transcripts’ that includes transcripts of programmes broadcast over Vividh Bharati Service (VBS) on special occasions and those broadcast or telecast over few other radio and television channels.

    If you are looking for some never-heard-before and at the same time reliable information about film-related Radio Programmes, you will enjoy the series.

Pages 314, 6 in by 9 in, transcripts in Roman script and Hindi/Urdu language.

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International Edition

professor toofaanii publishers, East Lansing, MI USA is happy to announce their 85th book

Hindi Films: The Stars Of 1938-40 Films: Part 4

Sheo Khetan

Sheo Khetan was born in Sitamarhi, Bihar in 1949. He did his BTech from IIT Kanpur. in 1970. He came to Stony Brook, NY in September 1970 and finished MS in Mechanical Engineering. He then did an MBA in finance and continued working in the Semiconductor industry for next 32 years. In 2005, he turned to his original love, old Hindi movies. He writes books on Hindi films.
In this book the author discusses the Early Talkie Era of Indian cinema (1938-1940). He introduces us to dozens of long-forgotten stars, their basic information, their life and their films. It is fully illustrated with hundreds of pictures from books, magazines and films. This is Part 4 in the series.

Paperback 6 by 9 in, English, 172 pages.

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professor toofaanii publishers, Lansing, MI USA is happy to announce their 90th book

Films and Shows in Bombay - 1932

Ajit Sidhu
Professor Surjit Singh

A persistent question about Hindi (or Indian) films is when and where was it released? We have to depend on hearsay, I saw it in Minerva first day, first show, or, reviewers would mention the release info, or the newspapers ads would say, coming soon on such and such a date etc. Until now no reliable source had been available.

This project attempts to answer this question once and for all, at least for films released in Bombay. This second book is for the year 1932.

It is based on the daily, later weekly newspaper Bombay Chronicle, available on the Internet Archive. The lead author has looked at each ad in each issue to extract the relevant information in a tabular form. Date, film name, theater name, show times and any other relevant information is captured.

This is, of course, a part of the Master Database Project, and we do hope to gather information from the advent of the Silent cinema to all the available years.

[Note: A similar project on Madras theaters was undertaken by MV Surender and a book has been published. Also another similar book on 1941 by N Ramaswamy has been published.]

Paperback, 6 by 9 in, 146 pages.

As usual, first few pages may be read here

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