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professor toofaanii publishers, East Lansing, MI USA is happy to announce their 83rd book

Film News and Reviews at Madras Theatres (1937-41)

Compiler: M V Surender
Editor: Professor Surjit Singh

When one talks about the year associated with a film, it is usually the censor certification year. This is because that is the only official year related to the film Secondly, the two pioneers in film compilation work, Firoze Rangoonwalla and BV Dharap, decided to use this year. This information is published in the official gazettes. The censor information of Hindi films from 1931 to 2010 is available on the website

The other year, or more commonly date that people often mention is the date of the first release of the film. This date varies from city to city as films having limited number of prints, cannot be released everywhere at once. This was specially so in the early years. The film release information is not published in a unique source and requires much more work. One can find it in the magazine reviews, magazine and newspaper ads, and, sometimes in the trade publications. All these sources are hard to come by.
We were lucky to find issues of the Madras edition of the Indian Express online. One of us (MVS) clipped images from the online source and they were published here

Here one can follow the life of many famous Indian films in various theatres. One can read the news about the films and their stars and also reviews written at that time. We found this window into the mindset of the film-going people of that bygone era to be enjoyable to work with and fascinating.
We hope that our readers will also enjoy this nostalgia-inspiring work.

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professor toofaani publishers, East Lansing, MI USA is happy to announce their 81st book

Poems Written On A Whim

Prabodh Shukla

From his Preface:

I never imagined I would write a book of poems. In the misty and heady days of High School I loved to read poetry and was often moved by it. I did not understand it fully but enjoyed it. It freed me of stress and brought some fulfilment even if I did not understand it. This quality was not shared by physics and mathematics which created mental frustration unless issues were resolved thoroughly. Occasionally I penned down a few lines almost involuntarily and thought them to be poetry although I never consulted anyone. Unfortunately they have been mysteriously lost like the diaries of my adolescence. The lure to write short text unconstrained by grammar and 1 rigors of logic never really left me. It resurfaced after retirement, particularly during lock downs of Covid-19, in the form of brief posts on Facebook. A friend encouraged me to write more often and I was happy to do so. Unlike scientific writing, it is such fun to write assorted things out of box without the burden of proposing a theory or proof or scrutiny of referees. Yet it would be a sacrilege to my professional training to disregard a scientific point of view on various issues. This constant awareness bestows the following collection of poems a largely unexplored genre. The real purpose of any composition is to release the author rather than to please the audience. Still if my jottings touch the imagination of a few the purpose of this publication is well served.

Paperback, 6 by 9, 96 pages

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professor toofaanii publishers, East Lansing, MI USA is happy to announce their 87th book

RMIM Articles 2. About Films

Prof Surjit Singh

As I have mentioned before, classic RMIMers ran many series for many years, there content generated at least 6,000 pages.

I had thought of compiling a big book, but considering the sheer size of the work wrote a Minibus on the 25th anniversary.

Now I am coming back to compiling books on different series. The first series is articles and this is the first book.

[I think it will take about 20 books of about 300 pages each to do the job properly.]

Paperback, US Letter, 161 pages.

The book may be downloaded from here


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