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professor toofaani publishers, East Lansing, MI USA is happy to announce their 73rd book

Early Hindi Film Advertisements III (1944-48)

N Ramaswamy
Professor Surjit Singh

Until recently, the only way to access old newspapers and magazines was to visit their offices, go through many hurdles and answer dozens of questions to actually see the old collections. Mercifully, most had been converted to microfilm for the convenience of the researchers.

Thanks to the advent of the internet and the latest digital technology, quite a few newspapers and magazines have been digitized and are available without visiting the dusty old archives. However, most of the digital collections are available only after paying hefty fees.

There are some silver lines among the clouds. Many big companies like Google and Microsoft have undertaken a massive effort to digitize every available print material and put it on the internet for free. Many world libraries, associations, museums, special collections are doing the same. A huge repository of such items in the Internet Archive.
In this book, we present more than 870 images of early talkies ads. We had a lot of fun working on them, to capture them and making them suitable for print, organizing them. We hope that you will also enjoy this peek into the early history of the talkies.

This book, third in the series, covers 1944-48.

Size  by 9, pages 285, black and white

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professor toofaani publishers, East Lansing, MI USA is happy to announce their 72nd book

Radio Transcripts, Volume – 1
(Vividh Bharati Special Programmes
& Non-Vividh Bharati)

Sujoy Chatterjee

When N Ramaswamy recently mentioned that Sujoy Chatterjee has transcribed about 1,000 radio and TV programs from various sources, the first thought that came to my mind was that this a gold mine! It must be published. Luckily, Sujoy agreed. This is the first of a series.

From his preface:

    Listening to radio has been the author's favourite pastime since childhood. From early 21st century, with the arrival of the personal computer and the traditional mobile phone, he took his hobby to the next level, that is, he started making transcripts of radio and television programmes that were somehow related to film music. The transcribed information mostly comprises of biographies and interviews of artists, transcripts of programmes presented by them, and record of trivia and interesting incidents related to the making of film songs, and other additional details.
    Over the years, the number of transcripts crossed the thousandth mark. The information base thus created is massive. This book is the first Volume of the Series entitled ‘Radio Transcripts’ that includes transcripts of programmes broadcast over Vividh Bharati Service (VBS) on special occasions and those broadcast or telecast over few other radio and television channels.

    If you are looking for some never-heard-before and at the same time reliable information about film-related Radio Programmes, you will enjoy the series.

Pages 177, US Letter size, transcripts in ROman script and Hindi/Urdu language.

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Sheo Khetan

I am always asking people of my age or older to write their autobiographies. Ours have been a most interesting generation having witnessed unprecendented changes in the world. I will not bore you with a list, you already know. We have gone through so much and have had so many good and bad experiences that will be lost forever, if not written down. Of course, practice what you preach, I am writing my own autobiography!

My very dear friend, Sheo Khetan has already published the first part tracing the history of his ancestors starting from the Middle Ages to his student days in the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. In these two books he continues the story after he arrived in the US for higher studies, his marriage, his four sons, his jobs until 2005. As before, he has decorated it with hundreds of rare color photos.

Both books are in color, US Letter size paperback, pages 181 and 483, respectively.

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