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professor toofaanii publishers, East Lansing, MI USA is happy to announce their 84th book

RMIM Articles 1. Singers

Prof Surjit Singh

As I have mentioned before, classic RMIMers ran many series for many years, there content generated at least 6,000 pages.

I had thought of compiling a big book, but considering the sheer size of the work wrote a Minibus on the 25th anniversary.

Now I am coming back to compiling books on different series. The first series is articles and this is the first book.

[I think it will take about 20 books of about 300 pages each to do the job properly.]

Paperback, US Letter, 301 pages.

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Page Number What is Written What it should be
On the Back Cover and Page 64. St. Xavier’s Convent St. Xavier’s College

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International Edition

professor toofaanii publishers is proud to announce their 66th book:

Poems Written in a Flutter

by Hashmat Rahimtoola

Hashmat Rahimtoola was born in Santa Cruz, Mumbai in 1943 to Indurani, a film star in Bollywood in the 40s. She grew up with a love of nature, playing in the garden of Ishrat Bungalow with her five brothers and sisters and visiting the lakes and hill stations beyond the city. She wrote her first poem at thirteen. She was educated by nuns at St. Teresa’s Convent and went on to study English Literature at St. Xavier’s College. There, she stood first for both her BA Honors in English Literature and her minor in Islamic Culture in Bombay University. For her highest achievements in Islamic Culture she was offered a scholarship for further studies at Al Azhar in Cairo, which she declined. She taught sixth grade for one year at Sacred Heart Boy’s School. She also tutored English Literature at Narsi Monjee College for five years, where she worked with the students enrolled in the Cambridge Education enrollment partner program. Her essay on P.B. Shelley, “Prometheus Unbound,” received the College’s Book Award. In 1977, Hashmat and her husband Rafique moved to the United States where she raised a family, worked as a teacher’s assistant, and continued to write poetry.

The book is in English, 6 by 9 paperback, 69 pages, has Table of Contents. Poems are in English and in Urdu (Roman script).

As usual the first 15 pages may be read here.


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International Edition

professor toofaani publishers, East Lansing, MI USA is happy to announce their 79th book

Hindi Talkies (1961-1970) 78RPM Records Information in HINDI

Har Mandir Singh ‘Hamraaz’
Professor Surjit Singh

This book is based on the Database Website and is the 8th book in Hindi.

Here we have a table of the 78RPM records arranged by the Record Number, year, film, song, singer for 1961-1970.

Starts with

FT 18831    1962    Manachalee    मनचली    2. बचपन बीता आई जवानी , जीवन ने इक करवट बदली, अरमानों ने ली अंगड़ाई...    रफ़ी

and ends with

RAE 55405    1967    Around The World    एराउंड द वर्ल्ड    4. कांव-कांव कांव-कांव...कौआ चला हंस की चाल, आख़िर भूला अपनी चाल...    रफ़ी

It is in HINDI, paperback, US Letter, 163 pages.

First few pages may be read here