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professor toofaanii publishers is happy to announce their 16th book:

Unsung Junior Artists of Hindi Cinema Who Debuted After 1959

by Upendra Samaranayake and Prof Surjit Singh

This is the second book on Junior Artists (previously called Extras) in Hindi cinema. These people are NOT lead players, supporting or character artists. These artists are supposed to remain inconspicuous, do not have a spoken part, never get a closeup, and, are akin to other props on the set such as sofas, stuffed tigers and wall clocks!

A lot of these artists are seen as teachers, temple priests, policemen, moneylenders, henchmen, beggars, lawyers, judges, and regular party goers or court attendees, to name a few. They are known by various names: junior artists, atmosphere, background talent, background artists or performers, supernumeraries, supers, walking background, human props, and so on. Of course, they are never mentioned anywhere.

In this book you will find more than 60 of them who debuted after 1959 named and identified by their roles in hundreds of films. We have included Darshan and Moolchand who were inadvertently left out of the previous volume. Next time when you watch your favorite film and wonder who is that sitting at a party or in a cabaret, open this book and you will be find enlightenment!

We are happy to acknowledge the superb help from Shishir Krishna Sharma, who contacted two key people in the industry to get letters of appreciation from them, Shri B N Tiwari, President, Federation of Western India Cine Employees, and, Shri Hemanshu Dadbhawala, Vive President, Junior Artists Association.

The book is in English, 6" by 9", 324 pages, Table of Contents, Film Index.  The first 20 pages can be read here. As usual, it is available on Amazon and Pothi.

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Errata for the Indurani Book

I am happy to report that my book on Indurani (1922-2012) (Ishrat Jehan Imamuddin) has been published.

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Indurani in India


Indurani was a star of stunt and social pictures in the thirties. She was the heroine of more than 20 films from 1935 to 1942. Her heroes were Jayant, Prem Adib and E Billimoria. She co-starred with Sardar Akhtar, Leela Chitnis and Ratanbai. Famous actress Azra's mother Sarojini was her elder sister, who was also an actress.

After describing how actresses entered films and how the studio system worked, the author details the life of this Daryaganj Delhi teenager before, during and after films using interviews with her family members and old magazines like filmindia and film booklets.

The book contains more than 80 illustrations, including posters of films, photos from booklets and photos of her family.

The Foreword to the book was written by Shree Prakash Magdum, Director, National Film Archive of India, Pune.

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RMIM: Minibus

The book has been published.

In India RMIM book in India

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RMIM (the Usenet group was started as an Indian Film music group in the Usenet newsgroup style. This was the choice place on the internet where people came to ask questions about Indian (mainly Hindi films). We complied a lyrics book in both English and Hindi, prepared lists of music directors, singers etc. and discussed film music.e posted articles about our favorite and also obscure film personalities.

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