Since 1999

By Kamalakar Pasupuleti and Prof Surjit Singh

Where to Buy

In US it is available on Amazon. Soon it will be available worldwide, including India

In India

My friends residing in India will be happy to note that my book with Kamalakar Pasupuleti, The Lost Treasure, is now available in India.


The book covers the early talkies from Alam Ara, Abul Hasan to Mohabbat Ke Aansoo and Zinda Laash; actresses from Akhtari, Ameena to Zebunnissa and Zohra; actors from AR Kabuli to Master Vitthal and Wazir Mohammad Khan, and, music directors from Ali Bakhsh to Ustad Jhande Khan and Wazir Khan. Includes more than 60 rare images of films and people
from old magazines/newspapers.

The first 15 pages:

You can see the films, actors, actresses and music directors covered with biographical information and more than 60 images.




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