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professor toofaanii publishers, East Lansing, MI USA is happy to announce their 106th book,

Films and Shows in Bombay - 1933

Ajit Sidhu
Professor Surjit Singh
What is the year of the film? This question is often asked but it may surprise you to know that it has many answers. The most definite answer is the year mentioned on the censor certificate. This used to be hard to find. However, now the year and the whole censor information of Hindi films from 1931 to 2010 is available on the website

There is no official publication for this information. Also, this information changes from city to city as films having limited number of prints, cannot be released everywhere at once. Finding this information requires much more work. One can find it in the magazine reviews, magazine and newspaper ads, and, sometimes in the trade publications. All these sources are hard to come by.
Recently, SS and two of his co-workers published a book on the films running in the Madras theatres,

Films Showing in Madras Theatres (1941-1947), by MV Surender, N Ramaswamy and Prof Surjit Singh (2021)
In the book at hand, we present information about the stage shows, silents and talkies running in Bombay in 1933. We plan to cover the years 1931-1950 at least. This information is based on the Bombay Chronicle newspaper available on the Internet Archive website.
It is fascinating to follow the life of many films, some run for a long time, some only a few weeks, some move to other theatres. We found this information to be enjoyable to work with and fascinating.
We hope that our readers will also enjoy this nostalgia-inspiring work.
Paperback 6 by 9, Black and White, 176 pages, color cover.

Now You Know!

First few pages may be read here

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