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professor toofaanii publishers, East Lansing, MI USA is happy to announce their 102nd book

Early Radio Artists: A Pictorial: Part I


Aftab Datta

The Indian Listener was started in December 1935, which became Akashvani in January, 1958 in India. Besides the program, the magazine had essays on music, biographies and photos of artists, reports about musical conferences etc.

Until recently the only way to read the old issues was to visit the archives. Luckily, a lot of old issues were scanned and put on the internet. I downloaded a lot of the issues and was happy to read the articles and see old photos.

My joy knew no bounds when Vinay Pande mentioned that Aftab had painstakingly captured hundreds of photos from those issues. I immediately got in touch with him and suggested that a book should be published on this material. Very generously he sent me all the photos.

In this first part, we present about 700 images with names from A to L. Part 2 will have the rest.

Paperback 6 by 9, Black and White, 191 pages, Royalty-free, sold at printing cost.

Now You Know!

First few pages may be read here


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