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professor toofaanii publishers, East Lansing, MI USA is happy to announce their 94th book

Dreams Alone Survive

Dr Ravinder Kumar 'Ravi'

He is a prolific author, this is his 22nd book.

It is a poetry book.

Author's Preface:

A man without dreams is no man. These are his dreams which keep him going. Dreams inspire us all. Death of dream is the saddest tragedy. We knit our own dreams and keep moving in life. When a dream is unfulfilled either we pursue it more vigorously or the dream dies an untimely death, so we feel. Dreams do not die. They just take back seat. Dreams, as the saying goes, do not come true on their own, they are to be achieved, which means one has to work for it. Day dreaming is nothing but a cynical lazy proposition. You dream big; you work big time to realize them. You dream small; you work small time. What is called low achievers.


Man is nothing but a bundle of dreams, some realised ones and many more unfulfilled ones (not dead ones) Death of dream rather capacity and fiery desire to dream if that is dead then it is death of man. Man is mortal. Dreams are forever!


So, dream on! For Dreams alone survive!


Paperback, 6 by 9 in, 55 pages.
Now You Know!
First 15 pages may be read here

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