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Hindi Films: Pictures of the Cast 1971 Part A

Kharag Singh
Professor Surjit Singh
In November 2022, I was surprised by an email from Kharag Singh from Ghatsila, Jharkhand informing me that he had captured thousands of pictures of Junior Artists and Background Dancers from hundreds of movies. He asked for my help in identifying them. I sent him books on these people published by me. He was very happy.
Naturally I asked him if he would help me with a similar project, he gladly agreed.I requested him to capture pictures of the cast from 1971-1980. Within days he stared sending me a large number of photos from movies. I realized that he is capturing so many photos that a book on 1971 alone will run to more than 500 pages! So we decided to split 1971 into three parts. This first one is for movies beginning with the letters A to H.
When you peruse the book you will realize that he has become an expert on recognizing obscure and small faces; obviously he has studied the books I sent him on Junior Artists and Group Dancers very thoroughly. I am proud to say that he can recognize people better and faster than me.
Paperback, 6 by 9, 130 pages, BW interior, Color Cover.
Now You Know!
As usual, the first few pages may be read here

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