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professor toofaanii publishers, East Lansing, MI USA is happy to announce their 85th book

Hindi Films: The Stars Of 1938-40 Films: Part 4

Sheo Khetan

Sheo Khetan was born in Sitamarhi, Bihar in 1949. He did his BTech from IIT Kanpur. in 1970. He came to Stony Brook, NY in September 1970 and finished MS in Mechanical Engineering. He then did an MBA in finance and continued working in the Semiconductor industry for next 32 years. In 2005, he turned to his original love, old Hindi movies. He writes books on Hindi films.
In this book the author discusses the Early Talkie Era of Indian cinema (1938-1940). He introduces us to dozens of long-forgotten stars, their basic information, their life and their films. It is fully illustrated with hundreds of pictures from books, magazines and films. This is Part 4 in the series.

Paperback 6 by 9 in, English, 172 pages.

First few pages may be read here

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