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professor toofaani publishers, East Lansing, MI USA is happy to announce their 81st book

Poems Written On A Whim

Prabodh Shukla

From his Preface:

I never imagined I would write a book of poems. In the misty and heady days of High School I loved to read poetry and was often moved by it. I did not understand it fully but enjoyed it. It freed me of stress and brought some fulfilment even if I did not understand it. This quality was not shared by physics and mathematics which created mental frustration unless issues were resolved thoroughly. Occasionally I penned down a few lines almost involuntarily and thought them to be poetry although I never consulted anyone. Unfortunately they have been mysteriously lost like the diaries of my adolescence. The lure to write short text unconstrained by grammar and 1 rigors of logic never really left me. It resurfaced after retirement, particularly during lock downs of Covid-19, in the form of brief posts on Facebook. A friend encouraged me to write more often and I was happy to do so. Unlike scientific writing, it is such fun to write assorted things out of box without the burden of proposing a theory or proof or scrutiny of referees. Yet it would be a sacrilege to my professional training to disregard a scientific point of view on various issues. This constant awareness bestows the following collection of poems a largely unexplored genre. The real purpose of any composition is to release the author rather than to please the audience. Still if my jottings touch the imagination of a few the purpose of this publication is well served.

Paperback, 6 by 9, 96 pages

A few pages may be seen here

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