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professor toofaani publishers, East Lansing, MI USA is happy to announce their 79th book

Hindi Talkies (1961-1970) 78RPM Records Information in HINDI

Har Mandir Singh ‘Hamraaz’
Professor Surjit Singh

This book is based on the Database Website and is the 8th book in Hindi.

Here we have a table of the 78RPM records arranged by the Record Number, year, film, song, singer for 1961-1970.

Starts with

FT 18831    1962    Manachalee    मनचली    2. बचपन बीता आई जवानी , जीवन ने इक करवट बदली, अरमानों ने ली अंगड़ाई...    रफ़ी

and ends with

RAE 55405    1967    Around The World    एराउंड द वर्ल्ड    4. कांव-कांव कांव-कांव...कौआ चला हंस की चाल, आख़िर भूला अपनी चाल...    रफ़ी

It is in HINDI, paperback, US Letter, 163 pages.

First few pages may be read here

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