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professor toofaanii publishers is happy to announce their 45th book:

Hindi Film Song Picturizations  (1951-1960) हिन्दी फ़िल्म गीत चित्रीकरण (1951-1960)  सिंह और 'हमराज़'

Professor Surjit Singh

Har Mandir Singh 'Hamraaz'

This book is (in HINDI) a sister project, part of the much larger project undertaken by the two of us, with the help of many volunteers. The project is an outgrowth of the massive Hindi Film Geet Kosh (1980-) series of books compiled by the first author. The website is planned to contain all the data in the Geet Kosh, suitably expanded and revised by including the latest information.
The whole history of the Geet Kosh may be read in the My Story section of the above-mentioned website. Suffice it to say that after the pioneering work of Firoze Rangoonwalla and BV Dharap, Geet Kosh was a unique and original compilation work expanding the earlier work in many directions.
The database on the website is divided into three section for convenience. The Censor Certificate section has the information about the censored films. The Filmography section has the information about film production and other details. The Song section has detailed information about the songs.

It is a work in progress. Books on the Censor Certificate Information (English, Hindi) and Hindi Talkie Filmography (1951-1960) (English, Hindi) have been published earlier. This the sixth book  in the series is based on the Song Section and contains the Song Picturization of Hindi Talkies Feature Films from 1951 to 1960, based on the films available to us. Here you will find names of the main singers and dancers and also of the background dancers and junior artists.

This is a reference book. It has the title, the censor year, song title, singers, onsrcreen main artists and Junior Artists and Background dancers. People researching Hindi films will find this book useful.

The book is in HINDI, 8.5" by 11", 287 pages, Table of Contents, Actor Index.

As usual the first 10 pages may be read here

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