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professor toofaanii publishers is happy to announce their 44th book:

From Jhunjhunu to New York
Story of My Life, Part 1

Sheo Khetan

I am always asking people of my age or older to write their autobiographies. Ours have been a most interesting generation having witnessed unprecendented changes in the world. I will not bore you with a list, you already know. We have gone through so much and have had so many good and bad experiences that will be lost forever, if not written down. Of course, practice what you preach, I am writing my own autobiography!

In this book my very dear friend, Sheo Khetan Jhunjhunuwala traces the history of his ancestors starting from the Middle Ages to the modern day. Then he describes his life story from his birth, formative years in the Netarhat Gurukul in Jharkhand to his student days in the Indian Institute of Technology. Kanpur. On reading it, one gets a glimpse of the life of a typical North Indian growing up in the fifties and sixties.He has decorated it with hundreds of rare photos.

It is 6 by 9 in in Color, 177 pages.

First 15 pages may be seen here

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