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Note: The book is now available as kindle electronic book.


I am happy to announce the release of the Kindle electronic version of the Edwina Violette biography. It is available in Amazon sites all over the world. Amazon allowed a minimum price of $1.99. For other sites they calculated the price. For example in India it is Rs 133.

No text was changed but I made a few enhancements. The photos are in color. I have included her images from her films. Lastly, there are clickable links that take you the YouTube site for her songs, mainly uploaded by Tom Daniel.

A Hindi version is in preparation.

Here are the links for US and India.

Amazon US Kindle Edition

Amazon India Kindle Edition

Edwina: An Unsung Bollywood Dancer of the Golden Era

Edwina Book Errata

Where to Buy

For people in India, it is also on flipkart now:

 And Amazon India

 The book has been published and should be available on Amazon world-wide (for US$5.95 + shipping) and possibly at other sites.

Not sure about the bookstores. In India look for it on Please do not order from Amazon India.  They will charge you US$5.95 + shipping from USA!  For India, the best is, Rs 199 + shipping.

Greta Kaemmer wrote a post about ir on her blog

Edwina Filmography

Edwina Filmography

Table of Contents

Here is the chapter listing of the book

 Edwina Book Contents

Illustration Index

 Edwina Illustration Index

Edwina Violette's message in her Own Voice

For the last almost one year I have been busy writing a book on a background dancer, Edwina Violette. Here is a message from Edwina before the release of the book.

Edwina's Message

In the famous song O Haseenaa Zulfonwaalee from Teesri Manzil, she is the Zulfonwaalee. She comes in the beginning of the song waving her hair.


And later she is seen lying on the Moon in the foreground, while Helen is far away and tiny,

Zulfonwaalee with Helen

This is her biography written by me. It is ready and will be published on her birthday, July 22. She lives in the UK and this is how she looks like now.

Edwina recent


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