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professor toofaani publishers, Lansing, MI is proud to announce their 26th book, the International Edition of

Silent Cinema In India 1913 – 1934, When Silence Spoke In Celluloid by
Sanjeev Tanwar.

He is a native of Delhi. After completing his school and college education, he joined the Shri Ram Centre For Arts And Culture in 1996 to pursue his keen interest in theatre and writing. In 1998, he earned his diploma in acting.

He has translated many important works of English literature into Hindi - 'The Time Machine' (H G Wells), 'Man & Superman' (G B Shaw), 'Adolf Hitler' (James Bunting), 'Anthony and Cleopatra (Shakespeare), 'Old Man & The Sea' (Earnest Hemingway).

While at the Shri Ram Centre, he wrote the play 'Chuna Ek Murga Beeti' based on ashort story by Sharad Joshi. His other dramatic works include - 'Hitler, Ek Marta Hua Sapna', 'The Court is Adjourned', 'Kishnuli' (based on a story by Shivani), 'Lolita' (based on the novel by the same name by Vladimir Nabokov). As an ardent

lover of cinema, he has to his credits the compilation 'Tujhe Mere Geet Bulate Hain' (2015), a complete filmography of Bharat Vyas, and two books on Hindi Gilm posters, 'Pictorial Journey of Hindi Cinema 1939' and 'Pictorial Journey of Hindi Cinema 1940'.

Here is what he writes about the book:

This book is intended as a pictorial encyclopedia of Indian Films silent era. It includes the title, censor certificate information, year, production company, producer, director, story writer, cast, photography, subject and other information. We have used all the extant sources, but still gaps remain. We have attempted to include a large number of newspaper advertisements. A timeline of the silent era with important milestones is provided.

It includes information about Feature films, Short films, Serials, Shelved/unreleased films, Prohibited / Banned feature films and documentaries, Trailers, Advertisements, Variety programmes, Documentaries / Newsreels, Documentaries made by foreign film makers on Indian subjects, Foreign films often mistaken as Indian silent films. Also included are Addresses of major film companies.

Paperback, English. Black and White, 8 by 10 in, 807 pages.

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