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professor toofaanii publishers, Lansing, MI USA, humbly presents the 25th book:

MY DEV Memories of an Immortal Man by

Ali Peter John  (former Editor of Screen Weekly)

Ali Saab says,

"Dev Anand was a collection of all the best colours of life. He was an ideal son, brother, father, filmmaker, writer, Director and editor besides being many other men in one man. There were attempts made to know him and understand him when he was alive, there are attempts still being made to know him, but knowing him as I did, I don't think it will be easy for anyone to understand the real Dev. This book, therefore is not my attempt to show my knowledge about him and his many achievements. This book is only my earnest attempt to paint a portrait of the Dev I knew and who gave me all the privileged experiences to know him as closely as possible.

This book is a precious look into the life of a man who was born immortal. I believe that Dev was and is immortal, but what is wrong if I cannot forget any of his memories, which for me are more precious than the prayers I pray to all the other Devs I know and I now have met and I now don't have any interest of knowing any other Dev."

BW paperback 6 by 9, color cover, 95 pages.

First 15 pages can be read here

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