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Note: In the first printing of the book, on page 155, towards the end Shyama is mentioned as playing the 'mother' of Meena Kumari in Sharda (1957). Please correct it to 'daughter-in-law'. This has been corrected in the latest version available now.

professor toofaanii publishers is happy to announce their 15th book:

Beete Hue Din (Forgotten Memories of Hindi Cinema)

Interviews with Actresses of the Golden Era of Hindi Cinema

Shishir Krishna Sharma
(Edited by Professor Surjit Singh)





Huge amount of information is available about Hindi films on the internet. Unfortunately, not all of it is reliable. Mistakes range from honest clerical errors to outright made-up interviews with famous people. In this book the author describes his real interactions with Hindi film actresses who were active in the 40s to 60s. Most had been away from the industry for a long time and were living anonymously. The author made great effort to seek them out and interviewed them. He has obtained much rare and authentic information, clarifying many misconceptions and finding elaborations of other well-known facts about them. We hope that the readers will enjoy reading about them as much as the author has writing about the interviews.

The book is in English, 6" by 9", 192 pages.

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International Edition

The first 20 pages can be read here.


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