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Here is an extract from (late) Saeed Malik's work (on Jhande Khan)

Born around 1895 in a village near Jammu in the occupied State of Jammu and Kashmir, young Jhande Khan was early intended for the traditional Brahmin meditative dispensation. However, it did not take long to discover his strong proclivity for the melodic arts. Domestic misfortunes seemingly overtook him and he was at an early age forced to travel alone and un-cared to different regions of the undivided India, finally to sit at the feet of illustrious musicians of the Bhindi Bazaar gharana in Bombay (now Mumbai). During the interregnum, he was reported to have met a faqir at whose hand he embraced Islam. (His Islamic name was Ghulam Mustafa) Ijaz Mir, the municipal councilor of Gujranwala, who had made the acquaintance of late composer, corroborated this part of the story.
jhande khan

Now you know!

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