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Dada Phalke is reputed to be the father of the Indian Cinema. Why, because even though people made made short films earlier, he made the first feature film. So, is there a Mother of Indian Cinema?

Yes, there is. Let us list some of her accomplishments.

She edited the first film and many more.
She cooked for about 60 people daily.
When her husband did not have money, she suggested to sell her household things so he can travel to UK.
When her husband's friends tried to send him to a mental asylum, she disagreed.
When he ran out of money, she gave him her ornaments.
When he was busy learning to make films, she was busy raising their 9 children.
She helped with the carpentry and the electrical equipment on the set.

Her name, Saraswatibai Phalke!

Note : Info from Lights ... Camera ... Action! by Rupali Bhave.

Now you know!

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