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Should the music director prepare the tune first and then the lyricist fit the words to it or vice versa? The question has been around since the days of live theater. According to Pt Radheshyam Kathavak, an eminent dramatist of his day,

tune or lyrics

The tradition was that the music director would make the tune and the writer would then write the lyrics to fit it. I wanted to change this tradition because due to this good lyrics could not be written. I, as a writer/singer believed that good lyrics is what attracted the public first, tune came later. I wished that along with good lyrics the tune be good too, that would be like gold and fragrance. But this is possible only if both are created by the same person. Also, if there are two different but able people having the same mind, they can do it too.

Now you know!

Bharat 39 Lata Roshan   

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