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Lots of collectors have lots of rare material related to Hindi films, songs, videos, magazines, books etc. Many of them are hoarders who do not want to share their stuff at all. But many do. On my website one can enjoy almost 40,000 songs, mostly contributed by dozens of selfless collectors who gave songs to me free without any expectation in return. I have posted a few books and magazine articles also contributed by collectors.

One such selfless collector is Sudarshan Talwar of Calcutta who has posted more than 2,000 images from his priceless collection. He spent his own money and shared these items, without mutilating them in any way, on his Facebook timeline and various groups. I am hoping to bring his collection to my website. In the meantime, enjoy this rare ad in a Calcutta magazine, a fitting addition to Musing 52.

Modak ad

Now you know!

Listen to Narsingh 701 

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