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Amazing film from all angles, photography by Bimal Roy. music by Pankaj Mullick! The tile music starts with a tune that was used later by Amir Ali in a very successful film Panna (1944) in the song 'kaalee ghaTaa chhaye' sung by Rajkumari. The music pieces had charkhi or charakhaDee that is played by quickly rotating or oscillating it so that the beads at the end of threads hit the drum in the middle. Used in qawwalis much later.

Listen to 1937063283_1937_mukti_83_x_1937 mukti title_x_x.mp3

Listen to 1937063284_1937_mukti_84_x_1937 mukti music_x_x-1.mp3

Listen to 1937063284_1937_mukti_84_x_1937 mukti music_x_x-2.mp3

Now you know!

Listen to Narsingh 696

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