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We have all heard the story that Sahir wanted one Rupee more that the music director. Where did it originate? Did he really say or do that? Has anybody actually heard somebody say that Sahir did that? Now there is some evidence that it may have actually happened!

“Sahir was very straight forward and curt. He used to say very undiplomatically of his fellow composers that they used to listen to English records and prepare the tunes of their Hindi songs after lifting them while the lyricists wrote with their hearts and minds. Hence, the status of lyricists is above that of the composers. He used to ask the producers to pay him one rupee more salary than the composers... "

This is Abrar Alvi talking. You can read the whole thing in Shishir Krishan Sharma's excellent blog. In contrast with thousands of gossipy blogs, TV show hosts and internet posters (some of who make up whole fake interviews), he actually meets film personalities, takes note and records the meeting with authentic info. If you have never seen his blog, do it!

Shishir Krishna Sharma's Blog

Now you know!

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