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Earliest song in which I hear both the singers laughing. The song is sung by Anil Biswas and Sardar Akhtar. Although both are in the cast of the film, HFGK says that the male on-screen is Pramod Chandra. I am sure it is Anil Biswas himself doing the laughing here, because the song is from the 78 record. The words are 'saaqee ho, sahan-e-baaGh ho, abr-e-bahaar ho, pahaloo men tum'. Obviously an Urdu translation of the famous rubaayi by tentmaker (and poet) Omar Khayyaam! I know one more song with a slightly different translation from the original Persian. I will point it out when we reach 1964 :)

1936 Piya Ki Jogan Song

Now you know!

Listen to Shera Daku (1966) 



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