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A lot of people (including me) think that Cinema is a modern art for. However, the people involved in the business keep remind us how much money they made or lost. You may not be surprised to learn from an old book on Indian Theater the following.

A quotation from the owner of a theatrical
company, when a suggestion was made to improve the literary quality of
his plays,

ham yahaan rupayaa paidaa karne aaye hain, kuchh
saahitya bhanDaar bharne naheen. deshoddhaar aur
samaaj-sudhaar kaa Thekaa ham ne naheen le rakkhaa.
hamen to jismen rupayaa milegaa wahee karenge.

which means,

We have come here to make money, not to add to the
literary treasure. Uplift of the country and social
improvements are not solely our duty. We will do what
makes money.

Now you know!

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