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We all talk about the influence of Parsi-Gujarati-Marathi theater on cinema. We have about a dozen books on theater listing the plays, year, writer, company, actors, some cases MDs. Of course, we have at least two silent filmography books and the HFGK for talkies. Why cannot somebody just compare the two and say more?

Well, Dr Narendra Shrimali 'Kamal'. Associate Professor, Faculty of Performing Arts, M S Univ of Baroda has done that and much more in his path-breaking doctoral thesis published as a book, Music of Theatre and Hindi Cinema (1900-1950) [A discographical study with particular reference to the theatre of western India]

He lists about 55 dramas used as a basis for the silents and 59 for the takies mostly in the first 5 years.

Now you know!

 Listen to Mujrim Kaun Khooni Kaun (1965)



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