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From the book Behind The Curtain by G D Booth:

Shankar Indorkar: He [Rahman] says, “Just you play something. Play
anything. Just open the cor anglais and play something.” I didn’t understand.
I say, “What key? At least tell me something!” But he says, “Play
anything, whatever you want.” So I played something, nothing, just something.
Maybe half an hour. From low to high on both instruments (oboe
and English horn). Whatever I could think. And he just recorded everything.
So it got to be about two o’clock in the morning, and then he says,
“Okay, pack up.” I didn’t understand what was going on. He paid me, and
I went back [to Mumbai]. And after that he never called me. Because he
had all my sounds. So you could say he has me.

I guess that's post-modern creativity :)

Now you know!

 I do have about 2,000 more songs from 1931-1960 to post. Trying to get permission from the friend who gave them to me. In the meantime, posting songs from films.

Listen to Ankh Micholi (1962) 

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