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Jyoti is Bindu's Mom

Har Mandir Singh sent me all the special issues of Nai Duniya (Indore) and in one of them it said that Jyoti was Bindu's mother. Har Mandir also has a rule about having two independent sources. Luckily a very knowledgeable friend confirmed it. So, I mentioned it on RMIM. Somebody quickly pointed out that Jyoti, who acted in Aurat (1940) was married to G M Durrani. More research showed that Bindu's mom was actually Jyotsna Desai, a stage actress. I immediately accepted my mistake.

What about the 2 independent sources? Turns out that my friend had spent lots of time in Indore and his source was the same magazine that had the mistake!

Now you know!

 Dharti Ke Lal (1946)

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