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Lots of youtube videos, film websites. even well-known TV program hosts spread mis-information about Hindi films. I do point out the corrections as much as I can because cinema is an important part of our cultural heritage and should be protected. I usually do not mention it here.

However, recently I came across an interview with the award-winning director from a well-known and old movie family, Mahesh Bhatt; it was full of mis-statements. He should have known better. One of my friends suggested that these celebrities don't write anything themselves, other people write for them and it is attributed to them. That made me very unhappy. These celebrities don't even care that lies are being written in their name. That is why this post. Here is the article

Mahesh Bhatt in Times of India, June 18, 2024

Here we go.


Calling the movie ground-breaking he implies that Sangam was the first film to have shooting locations abroad. The reality is that at least two films before this were shot abroad, Naaz (1954) in the UK and Indian in Africa (1939) in Africa.

He says that Rafi sang for Raj Kapoor for the first time in Sangam, while his songs were typically sung by Mukesh. In fact, Rafee did not sing for him in Sangam, but for Rajendra Kumar! Of course, Raj Kapoor the actor had Rafi sing for him many times before, as early as Ambar (1952). So, let us give him the benefit of doubt, perhaps he meant that Rafi sang in a Raj Kapoor produced and directed film for the first time. Wrong again! He had already sung in Aag (1948), Raj Kapoor's very first first film.

Mercifully, the interview ends there.

Now You Know!



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